Under Floor Trunking & Floor Box

Under Floor Trunking & Floor Box

We offer a full range of floor trunking including Under floor trunking, Raised floor trunking, In-screed trunking, perimeter trunking wall trunking, floor boxes, floor junction boxes, data & power outlets for floor boxes, power tracks, conduits, cable ladder, cable tray, cable trunking, flex cable tray, Cable basket, cable channel support system, Uni strut channel, junction boxes and floor boxes from the leading Manufacturers Legrand, Unitech, Beico, MK electric, Davis

We are offering all ranges of Floor trunking including In screed trunking, raised floor trunking, flushed floor trunking, perimeter trunking, wall trunking, floor boxes, switches and data outlets for floor boxes, floor junction boxes, circular floor boxes, power track etc.

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